Unified Communications Portal

Welcome to Fresno State's Unified Communication Portal!

Using the power of Zoom's global platform, we provide an easy to use service for all students, faculty, and staff to connect and engage with others locally and around the world.

Whether you are attending online classes or working on projects with your classmates, using Zoom makes it simple to stay connected. In addition to allowing you easy access to share video and audio in an online meeting room with up to 300 participants; You can also use Zoom's other features like interactive online whiteboards and world-wide team chat and instant messaging to brainstorm, plan and learn together.

The Zoom application can be used from just about any computer, laptop, tablet, or phone! It works on PC, Mac, Linux, and Chromebooks; as well as Android and iOS devices. Zoom is a great way to stay connected with people and learn new things. If you haven't used it yet, We encourage you to give it a try today.

ATTENTION! Fresno State Students, Faculty and Staff
Use your Fresno State ID and password to sign in to your Zoom account above. No new account request required!